Since fall 2013, I have been bringing my Ethics and Critical Thinking classes to Democracy Now! tapings. (Photo used with permission.)

MakingFaking Nature Prospect Park Trip 3-29-17

Making/Faking Nature class (spring 2017) visits Propsect Park, Brooklyn. Shown: a “reclaimed” “wild playground.”


Carbon-sensing backpack designed by Yoon Kyum Koh, one of my former students in environmental ethics. (Linked with permission.)


A former global ethics student and I won an honorable mention in the 2012 International Student/Teacher Essay Contest, “Ethics for a Connected World” hosted by the Carnegie Council on Ethics in International Affairs. PHOTO: Risto Kuulasmaa (CC)

Impromptu sculpture created to “reclaim wilderness” on campus by Making/Faking nature students (spring 2017).

I am Assistant Chair of Social Science & Cultural Studies at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, where I have taught since 2009. Although historically Pratt has been recognized for architecture, its students today also have a healthy appetite for the liberal arts — especially philosophy. There are active minors in philosophy and sustainability and the courses I teach often help satisfy these tracks. The environmental ethics course in our catalog is one of my own design. It’s truly an incredible experience to teach so many talented artists, designers, and makers. View my faculty bio for courses I am currently offering.

I was awarded a fellowship to teach at the New School for Public Engagement, part of New School University, in 2013.

I taught four consecutive semesters of ethics and philosophy of the human person at St. John’s University between 2007 and 2009.

I was the graduate student advisor in Philosophy at the New School for Social Research from 2010-11 and the Coordinator of Graduate Student Advising there between 2011 and 2014.

Before moving to New York to pursue graduate studies in philosophy, I was a substitute teacher for the Orange County Public School System in Central Florida. I was also a privately contracted tutor there. My students ranged from middle school to college level. I tutored them in all levels of math and science.

Read more about the undergraduate courses I’ve taught.