I am currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy, affiliated faculty in the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, and member of the Graduate Faculty at Illinois State University. My teaching and research focuses on ethics (especially environmental ethics) and political philosophy. I am particularly interested in how we construct the boundaries of our moral space, sympathy, collective agency, the politics of play, and ‘nature’ as a normative concept.

In fall 2017, I joined the Philosophy Department at Illinois State University. I teach courses in ethics, politics, and sustainability. I am also helping grow the Environmental Studies minor and its coming major.

I received my PhD from the New School for Social Research. There I worked with Nancy Fraser (supervisor), Ross Poole, and Virginia Held (City University of New York).

I am currently working on a book manuscript titled “Parts per Billion: Individual Responsibility and Global Climate Change.” I draw from feminist thought to articulate the connection between individual and collective moral responsibility for climate change. You can read more about my research, my teaching, and other endeavors by following the links.

Recently, I have also become very interested in how nature function as a normative concept, how it’s meaning shifts over time and place to reinforce power relations. I’m working on a series of article on this topic that I will develop into a second book project.

My home is in Champaign, IL with my partner of over 13 years and our cat, Lindy. We’re a fan of board games, video games, cooking new things, and going to new places.

Feel free to email me at EricSGodoy at Gmail dot com.