My teaching and research focuses on ethics (especially environmental ethics) and political philosophy. I draw from feminist thought to articulate the connection between individual and collective moral responsibility for climate change. I am particularly interested in how we construct the boundaries of our moral space.

In fall 2017, I joined the Philosophy Department at Illinois State University as an assistant professor. I teach courses in ethics, politics, and sustainability. I am also helping grow the Environmental Studies minor and its coming major.

I received my PhD from the New School for Social Research. There I worked with Nancy Fraser (supervisor), Ross Poole, and Virginia Held (City University of New York).

I am currently working on a book manuscript titled “Parts per Billion: Individual Responsibility and Global Climate Change.” You can read more about my research, my teaching, and other endeavors by following the links.

Currently, I live in Champaign, IL with my partner of over 13 years and our cat, Lindy. We’re a fan of board games, video games, cooking new things, and going new places.

Feel free to email me at EricSGodoy at Gmail dot com.